Why you need a VPS?

Virtual Hosting Services


  • Shorter deployment time for new servers:
  • No procurement of hardware
  • Resources virtual server pool are allocated
  • Multiple servers created from same image
  • Reduced staffing time required to deploy a new service
  • Server deployment time shortened to less than a day.

VPS hosting Virtual Private Server Plans

Basic $29/MONTH 1 CORE 1GIG 20GIG 1IPV6 1IPV4

Professional $99 1CORES 100gig 2GIG 1ip

Reseller $299 4CORES 16GIG 2TB /29

Server for one week $99

  • VPS 4 hosting solution provides ecommerce resellers sharepoint,mpls and cloud services
    • Easy to use
    • Scalable professional grade service with control panel
    • vps with simplified controls
    • Benefits: 200 + one click app installers
    • Benefits: Choose between Parallels or Cpanel configurations
    • Command line for developers
    • Choose your Linux OS
    • Sash and root access
    • Overview: SSH access; control panel; premium hardware; instant scalability
    • Linux Os, Microsoft, Call us for other platform options

Scalability and Flexibility:
Virtual resources can be quickly added to increase the capacity
You buy only what you need
Adding vCPUs and RAM is as simple as a reboot
Additional disk space can frequently be added on the fly
Move data from a slow storage tier to a faster one without disruption to services
Reduced need to over-build a server "just to be safe", saving money and power.

Simplifies Development and Testing Environments:
Virtualization reduces the costs of running separate development, staging and production environments
Development servers may be created from production images with no downtime
Quickly modify, test and deploy images into production, speeding up the development cycle
Decommission development and staging environments when no longer needed, further reducing costs.

It's Green - Save on Power, Space, and Cooling:
Virtual server units dramatically reduce the physical space, power, and cooling compared to their physical counterparts
Reduced consumption of power and cooling and saves money too.
No physical server upgrades and maintenance:
No scheduled downtime to perform hardware upgrades, replace failing components or replace aging hardware
Seamlessly migrate to a different server , perform preventative maintenance and even completely refresh the hardware.

Hardware Fault Tolerance:
Virtual infrastructure is built with fault tolerant components (redundant power supplies, storage and network connections), in the event a host should fail, virtual servers are automatically migrated and restarted using spare capacity in the data center.
Simplified Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity:

Virtualization software can replicate virtual machines to a remote data center
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans are relatively standard and do not require custom engineering for each physical system and application.
Leverage other benefits of the data center:
24x7 staffing, precision power and cooling, enhanced security and encrypted tape backups.