Netcan IT Services

Are you sick and tired of not getting quick solutions to your Information Technology Services needs?

Believe me I've been there. There's nothing more frustrating than having your office WiFi or Internet Access go down and the when the technician does not respond within 4 hours or worse until the next day and you have to send everyone home for the day.

As you know this leads to lost revenues and lost productivity

Before today you had to pay large faceless IT support companies with poor response times to deal with your IT frustrations

IT Services You Won't Want to Live Without

However the big problem with these options is that you rarely meet genuine people who care about your business as if it's their own.
So it's my pleasure to be able to present NetCan a company devoted to sharing our knowledge, networks and compassion for helping you succeed with your IT needs. My name is Dayo Odubayo and for the last 15 years, I've helped hundreds of businesses owners break free from IT problems.

  • Our new IT service packages means that for a small annual fee, you get access to a dedicated team of IT professionals
  • Same day 4 hour response times on all IT service calls within the greater Montreal area

What makes NetCan different to all the other IT service providers out there is our compassionate customer service and attention to resolving issues quickly in person.


What to look for when choosing a server to practically guarantee you're server never goes down

How to create a winning environment that supports your growth and releases the productive energy you need to maximize your progress and your results.

Innovative IT managed services to your unique IT needs to eliminate your frustrations with technology

Great things are happening to my business left and right and I have to say that NetCan has been pivotal to this success! Thanks again Dayo!"

Daniel Forman
Co-founder Ensuite Media