Our Story

Our Story

Netcan.com offers Small-to-Medium Sized businesses and Home Offices our expertise in hosting, broadband, networking services. We also specialize in other value-added networking applications such as Spam-Filtering (Barracuda), SharePoint, Hosted VoIP, POP Email, Exchange Email, MPLS, Point-to-Point Wireless, Virtual Private Servers (scaleable), and Support Services.

The Netcan.com Unified Network Netcan.com utilizes the best technologies, standards, and incorporates them into a platform we call the Netcan Unified Network. A unified network enables businesses and service providers to design, build and deliver business critical Telecoms and Cloud Services and solutions using an array of components. You pick and choose the service(s) your business needs, and we tailor to an exact solution. The foundation of a unified network is Ethernet Connectivity; we give you additional multiple layers of services to create a single, resilient, super fast Cloud Platform to meet the demands of the 21st century business. Your unified network is built using resilience at every stage to ensure maximum up-time, spread across multiple major interconnect points, giving our customer 99.99% up time guarantee, with the aim of 100% up time.

We've come a long way...

Established in 1995, Netcan.com started out as an ISP service, offering dial-up, then DSL, then cable internet connectivity.

Along the way, we expanded our services to include web hosting and email hosting.

Our valued clients include both resellers and direct consumers.

We offer value-added Network Services for Private Wide-Area-Networks: IP/MPLS/ATM/OE for optimized networks, as well as a customized services such as exchange, sharepoint, cPanel, and anti-spam Barracuda applications.

Netcan.com offers Better Network Solutions, Customized Services, and Lower Network Costs.

We offer :
Reliability and Redundancy